Through-Conduit DBB Slab Gate Valve

The Calvary C2-SL Slab gate valve is designed for dependable service in the pipeline, oil, gas, wellhead applications, and other critical services throughout the energy industry.

All models of the C2-SL Slab gate valves are manufactured per the latest edition of API 6D requirements. The floating pressure-activated seat design of the slab gate valve provides a high pressure seal and the spring-loaded seat to assure positive shut-off at lower pressures. This design provides a through conduit, bi-directional flows, that minimize turbulence and pressure drop in many demanding applications. These including those applications that requiring provable zero-leakage in Double Block and Bleed service. The valves are designed for easy in line service. These features make the C2-SL Slab gate valve design rugged and reliable for common & more difficult applications throughout the energy, oil and gas industry.

Sizes:  2” thru 36”
Pressure Classes:  
150, 300, 600, 900, 1500
Operating Temperatures:    
-50F to +850F (-46C to +454C)

 Available End Connections:

  • Raised Face Flange
  • Ring Joint Flange
  • Weld End Connection
  • Flange By Weld End Connection

Features Include:

  • Through Conduit
  • Double Block And Bleed Valve Body
  • Cast Steel Construction
  • Low Temp
  • NACE
  • Hydraulic Energized Seats
  • Internal Self Relieving Seats
  • Pigable
  • Secondary Seat Sealant Injection Ports
  • Closed Packing System Energized With Injectable Packing
  • Fire Safe Design
  • ISO5211 Mounting Pad For Actuator Or Gear Operator
  • Field Repairable In Line
  • Extensions and Adaption for Actuation Available

Click here to download PDF for technical information.