Lubricated Plug Valve

The Calvary Plug Valve is applicable to the cutting and connection of pipeline mediums and suitable for water, oil, and gas services. Plugs valves are used in various industries such as petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, electric power, etc. An oil groove is set between the valve body and seal surface, which may infuse the sealant grease to increase the seal capability and lubrication for smooth operation. The part material and flange dimension may be selected according to current operating condition and user requirements so that it meets the requirements of various engineering.


Sizes:  2” thru 14”

Pressure Classes:  
150, 300, 600, 900

Operating Temperatures:    
-20F to +572F (-29C to +300C)

Available End Connections:

  • Raised Face Flanged
  • Ring Joint Flanged
  • Weld End Connection
  • Flanged By Weld End Connection


  • Venturi Pattern Bore (Non Pigable)
  • Balanceable Pressure and Light On/Off Operation
  • Quick Closure to Prevent Backflow
  • Logical Structure, Reliable Seal and Excellent Performance
  • Design Standard – API599, API6D, B16.10, And B16.5

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